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THE REGULARS is an anthology series that follows the dreamy, dynamic, often hilarious, and extremely raw lives of various “regulars” of a Downtown Los Angeles dive bar. The Bar is overseen by The Bartender... A local fixture himself, who has his finger on the pulse of the neighborhood and its inhabitants. The Bartender sees all, knows all, hears all, and most importantly welcomes all. He is known as “The Mayor”, an oracle of sorts who is a natural extractor of information. His energy attracts people from all walks of life. People, who like everyone else in this world, have either the desire to connect to something…  or to detach from everything.


THE REGULARS is forever dynamic and always changing. Think Cheers for a new generation, shaken with a half ounce of High Maintenance. Each episode, we'll be tuning into the timeless scenario of a person walks into a bar, takes their stool, and simply, just lets life take the wheel. Whether it be them requesting their drink outright, or by our bartender familiarly knowing their drink, the patron receives THEIR drink... and once the first sip hits their tongue, our “session” has now begun. The Bartender is now your therapist and is open to any and all questions, comments, desires, life's dramas, life's successes, the puppy who just passed away, or even the significant other who can't pass away soon enough. Anything goes. And after 1,2… 4 drinks have been had, and that last drop hits their tongue, the session has come to a close, and an insatiable thirst is sparked, slowly igniting a personal journey that extends well beyond the bar, spilling them out into the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. 


For the remainder of the episode, we shift our viewers focus from the perspective of The Bar and The Bartender to the perspective of our REGULAR and we join them on a spirited, personal journey that leads them to exactly where they're supposed to be.



The driving force of THE REGULARS is fueled by the humanity of it. The realization of how we are all not much different from one another. We all eat, drink, sleep, piss and shit.. We all have our sources of happiness, as well as our vices. Nobody is perfect. The Regulars will mine the personal lives of our characters to thoughtfully, and truthfully explore the collective thread that connects us all.



The Bartender is your therapist. The Bartender is your best friend. Sometimes he'll tell you exactly what you want to hear, and sometimes just what you need to know. He is a "bartenders bartender" in the truest sense. More interested in the social responsibility of the craft, as opposed to the crafting of a cocktail. He naturally embodies all the characteristics of a great bartender… reluctantly. The Bartender, like any bartender worth a damn, is a natural therapist who has a gift for extracting information. People willingly spill their secrets to him, and with respect, he keeps them close to the vest. He’s been told things people wouldn’t tell their husbands, wives, or priest about. The Bartender is a student of life. He himself has lost, loved, and sacrificed and this is what makes him worthy of meaningful connections with kindred spirits who have experienced the same. In other words, his life experiences are his super power.


We never hear a mention of The Bartender’s name, and frankly his name doesn’t even matter. He is the yin to our yang, and also the yang to our yin.. in our world he is our mirror into our humanity, we see ourselves in him, thus giving him the ability to be whatever it is we need him to be. Throughout the season we will begin to unravel the origins of The Bartender, sparking the slow burn of unraveling his hopes, wants, desires, and most intriguingly his motivations. The Bartender is our only consistent character.


They say there are six types of regulars at every bar: The Quiet One, The Social One, The Cocktail Connoisseur, The Sports Watcher, The Flirt, and of course The Drinker. All of our Regulars will be born out of one, or a combination of these six archetypes to form their essence and personality. Our Regulars will be the driving force of our stories. They will be our vehicle as to which we explore our humanity. Our Regulars abide by no rules, have no restraints, and are free to spread their wings and fly as close to the sun, as their hearts desire.


In The Regulars we view the Downtown area of Los Angeles as not only our main setting, but also a living, breathing, character. Rewind six years ago and the only action along the ten block stretch of Broadway was the Hispanic owned small businesses... but after the sun got low, and those businesses rolled down their gates, the streets turn dark and desolate, reminiscent of a post apocalyptic film. Fast forward and DTLA is now a vibrant metropolitan area teeming with life. There’s been birthed a plethora of new bars, sheik hotels, skyscrapers, premiere music venues, and the Lakers have finally gotten their shit together. DTLA is in its infant stage of thriving, and THE REGULARS will explore every backstreet, side street, and main street. From the penthouses of the famed Eastern Columbia building, to the tormented streets of Skid Row we will tap into the pulse of Downtown Los Angeles, and utilize it as a living, breathing backdrop to our stories.



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1 1/2 oz mezcal.

1 oz Cointreau 

3/4 oz lime juice.

1/2 oz agave

Garnish with a lime.


A social media obsessed girl tells her boyfriend of 3 years that she can no longer be with him, because he has grown a gut and his current physique is no longer "on brand". The Boyfriend is sent on a personal journey of picking up the pieces, forcing himself to rebuild from the ground up.



1 1/4 oz. Aperol

2 oz Prosecco 

3/4 oz lime juice.

1/2 oz agave

Garnish with a lime.

Brian, a meek, self diagnosed introvert, gets fed acid at an affluent New Years Eve penthouse party. The Bartender receives a midnight kiss.

Welcome to SPINS, The Last Great Dive Bar. The scent from the proverbial ashtray permeates the room, serving as an ode to all the souls of regulars past, whose “usual” consisted of a shot, a beer, and a smooth drag of a hand rolled cigarette. The quaint room is faintly lit with a constant red tinge, a red hue, created by the collective assortment of neon bar signs, all illuminating an allegiance to our favorite alcohol brands. The clock above the bar reads 6:01 PM. Happy Hour is upon us.





A non English speaking Hispanic immigrant, who after months of searching, finally lands himself a steady dishwashing job in a posh DTLA restaurant. To celebrate he wanders into the first bar in sight, Spins. The newly employed man walks in, takes his seat, and utters the magical word that transcends all language... “Modelo”. 

The majority of this episode is in Spanish.





2 oz Hennessy

1 oz Cointreau 

3/4 oz lime juice.

1/2 oz agave

Garnish with a lime.

A crackhead saves a wealthy real estate developer from being robbed at gunpoint on desolate Skid Row. As a show of appreciation the developer asks the crackhead out for a drink... and ends up giving him a small taste of the finer things in life.



1 1/2 oz Tequila

Soda Water

Garnish with 2 limes.

“What's your favorite drink?”

“Man, I’m simple. I like tequila sodas”

“That’s tequila and bubble water?”


“You like drinkin that?”

“Yea, i’m a simple guy”

“Could you make me something a little more interesting?”

“Sure. What Spirit?…”

“You know what... Just make me the best drink you can... I’m committing suicide tonight”

The Halloween episode.

After having a "last drink" at Spins, a broken man, on the verge of suicide, winds up spending his evening haunted by super natural entities. 

The eerie encounter pushes the man to arrive at a revelation... that suicide is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem.



It's funny how a 6 hour flight can make your life change.


Alex Twinning, a 21 year old aspiring film student, decides on a whim to take a trip to the city of dreams, Los Angeles, California. Leaving behind, for the first time in his life, his hometown of Tilt Cove, Canada... population four. On the first night of his trip Alex has a chance encounter with The Bartender, and suddenly finds himself thrust into the eye of the storm a.k.a... a Saturday night in Downtown Los Angeles. Alex finds himself on his own hero's journey, living out the movie he's always wanted to see.



2 oz Bourbon

1 Sugar cube

3 dashes Angostura bitters

Few splashes soda water

Garnish w/

Orange peel


Maraschino Cherry

A down on his luck pessimist somehow forges a relationship with the woman of his dreams, only to get in his own way and sabotage himself. He ends up being dumped for a carefree, much older man.


The potential of THE REGULARS is endless. The Regulars gritty, unflinching approach has all the makings of a show beloved by those who appreciate the art of authentic storytelling.


The Regulars will contain stories that I've either witnessed or lived. They are my truth and, in the telling of them, will be honored as such. Everyone has their own alcohol fueled adventures. Whether it be out at a bar, or staying in at home, everyone of us is a regular somewhere. The World is in need of a collective cheers, and we can be the show to clink glasses with them.